Pipe Clamps Difference in Manufacturer Sizes

Yes they are all a bit different

There can be a lot of confusion when ordering pipe clamps, this is generally caused by differing dimensions and product codes used by the different manufacturers. To try and help there is a Pipe Clamp Equivalence Chart this lists many of the popular manufacturer codes We show both our own product codes (Prod. Code) and the manufacturers codes (Stock Code) on our pages where available. In many of our product titles, you will see a Prod. Code that looks like this: C00G20, simply put it can be broken down as C00 = Fitting Type G = Galvanised P = Plastic S = Stainless Steel 20 = The pipe size - nominal bore

Also within many page descriptions there is a code that looks like 125-1 this relates to the Q Clamp or Kee Klamp size in the equivalence chart 125 = Fitting Type 1 = The pipeclamp size The diagram below shows how these codes relate to the size and outside diameter of the pipe in mm:

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