Evolution Of Water Pumps

Updated: Feb 25

Introducing the new award winning DAB e.sybox

Introducing the new award winning DAB e.sybox If you look at pressure boosting pumps over the last twenty years you will quickly see they all look exactly the same, things are about to change.

The new DAB E.sybox is primarily designed to increases water pressure to all hot and cold water taps within your building, but it is also designed for today.

Gone are the awkward connections, inaccessible valves and expansion vessel. DAB have provided an integrated housing compartment that contains a tool kit, the installation and user guide.

This pump even has wireless connectivity, it won’t be long till someone plugs in a Raspberry Pi and starts monitoring it from their smart phone.

The system can be used as an e.sybox single standalone unit or as an e.sybox twin installation to give even more flexibility.

This modern design does not detract from its practicality though. It can be installed vertically or horizontally into small spaces, it also has flexible connections so it can sit away from walls or other obstructions.

It is widely accepted that low water pressure in the home is an increasing problem. Any solution to this problem will have to adapt itself to the changing demands of the home. We all get visitors at weekends, some of us have children that grow at an alarming rate, and our water demands change from day to day.

So any system will need to increase water pressure as and when required. The e.sybox can boost water pressure to a maximum head pressure of 6 Bar with a flow rate of up to 2 Litres/second. Washing the car, irrigating the garden will not affect water pressure in bathroom or shower performance.

The tech specs • Water cooled motor and sound dampening casing creating the quietest booster pump available today • Energy efficient variable speed motor operating from 0.3 KW to 1.5 KW • Powerful performance with Flow up to 2 Litres/second and head pressure up to 6 Bar • Self priming suction lift down to 8 Metres • Dry running protection • Frost protection • Anti-cycle protection • Anti-vibration mountings • Flexible installation with horizontal or vertical position also optional wall mounting accessory kit • Variable positions for inlet and outlet pipework • Integrated chamber with expansion vessel, tool kit and installer manual • Wireless connectivity and modular design can expand the pump system up to a 4 pump booster set • Optional twin pump booster set kit • Optional Integrated water storage tanks are also available

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